Join the next special round of our
Healthy Eating Challenge called
Countdown to Christmas Crunch!
This challenge is now in progress....
Join before November 26th at 11:59 p.m.
The Christmas Crunch Plan
We'll Complete the Healthy Eating Challenge....
- 4 Weekly Focuses That Introduce Sustainable Principles For Progress
- Private Daily Accountability to Help You Stay on Track
- Access to Our Supportive Private Facebook Group and LIVE Workouts
- Special Guide for Personal Development and Chances to Win Prizes
But Wait! There's More....
This Special Round Comes With an Additional Guide to Help You Keep it Fun and Sustainable. Not Only Are you Getting Access to Our Amazing Challenge, But You'll Stay Motivated and Engaged While You Learn Special Techniques on Managing Your Mindset and Improving Your Control Throughout the Entire Holiday Season! That's Right, Stick With Us and You'll Beat the Bulge! 
The Challenge Starts on Monday November 27th and Ends on Sunday December 24th!
Trainer Marci
We did it last year and we're doing it again! The Countdown to Christmas Crunch was the perfect challenge for so many that we're repeating the process and duplicating our results, time and time again. The holidays come around every single year and we're going to be tested each and every time. With the help of Marci Barker Fitness trainers you can't go wrong! Plus we're including so many resources for you to not only keep the holiday weight off but come out strong and ready for the New Year! Yay! 
Trainer McKenzie
This is my favorite time of year! The music, the smells, the lights, the good food and the giving spirit; I love it all! I want to feel amazing through it all too, inside and out, so that I can appreciate and cherish this special time with family and friends. Don’t you? Let’s motivate each other to stay on track while enjoying every minute of the festivities AND reaching goals at the same time! There isn’t a better gift you can give yourself this year. Together, we can do it all! 
Trainer Stacey
If you’re like me you can’t believe it’s Christmas time ALREADY! The holidays can get crazy busy and finding time to make healthy food choices can be tough. ESPECIALLY if you feel like you’re doing it alone. Guess what? You aren't! Social eating is HUGE during this time of year and can be such a trigger for many of us. I’m excited to work with you to keep us all in check and aware of our food choices. We want to eat well so we can feel our best for all the family fun! Oh, and did I mention it comes with quick bonus workouts?! 

Trainer Katherine
I love the Holidays but I don’t love the stress of the holidays! I have learned from past experiences that forgetting about myself and my health is really just hurting everyone else (watch out MOMSTER!). It’s so easy to only focus on others during this season of giving, but giving attention to your physical and mental health will make this holiday season the best yet! You are in the best place to keep the holidays Fun while Sustaining your health!

Trainer Sami
What better way to countdown to Christmas than to do it healthily… or should I say Fun and Sustainably!? I don’t know about you, but I need all the help, motivation, and accountability I can get to not overindulge in all the yummy holiday treats. Balance is KEY here and I want to help you achieve that through the holidays! Let the 28 day countdown to Christmas begin!
Who's with us? Yes we're all in this together!
"The Christmas Crunch was great - and kept me focused during this time of year! Also - Marci's Circle is great and also keeps you on track, and continually gives you new ideas and motivation."
Mary M.
I really enjoyed the 5 minute workouts during the Christmas Crunch! Most of the days I did the workouts with my 3-year-old, and she would quickly remind me "We need to exercise!" if we had not done the workout yet that day. I learned that even at 5 minutes a day, a consistent workout is beneficial for my body, but also sets a positive example for my daughter. Thank you for this workout guide! It is wonderful!
Amanda F.
"This last week of the Christmas crunch I learned soooo much!!! I started a habit of working out even if it was 5 minutes it helped me find another 5 minutes during the day or continue the work out I started! I learned how to make healthy choices for sure! I think I want to join Marci's circle!
K. C.
There Will Be Prizes Too!
Here at Marci Barker Fitness We Are All About Creating Fun and Sustainable Habits and Rewarding You For It. Following Through With Your Commitments, Checking In With Your Trainers, and Supporting Your Friends All Fit Into That Path. There Will Be Prizes For a Few Different Things and You'll Learn About Them in The Special Guide Right After You Reserve Your Spot. Here's a Little Sneak Peek! Don't Forget to Join Marci's Circle For Even More Bonuses and the Chance to Win a Pressure Cooker! 
 One Winner Will Be Awarded $100 in Christmas Cash!
All Marci's Circle Participants Are Automatically Entered Into A Pressure Cooker! 
Multiple Top Scorers Will Walk Out With Awesome Holiday Prizes
This challenge is now in progress....
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